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Recommendation vitamin D in general

Though calcium is the most popular about creation of your strong bones, but Vitamin D is important also in prevention of loss of bone weight and crises. Without vitamin D our body cannot absorb necessary calcium properly. Vitamin D also helps with maintenance of normal level in blood of growth of a bone and phosphorus. Besides, vitamin D not only for bones, but also it is active also in many fabrics. Researchers have learnt also that this vitamin helps to prevent a cancer, a hypertension and a diabetes.
It was already known for many years that Vitamin D Deficiency often occurs at the people having a liver and nephritic problems as these bodies are involved in vitamin D activation., our body synthesises vitamin D when is exposed to the sun, thus for elderly and chained to the house especially with bad diets are in danger also.
In places that, having long winter season, they are in danger also for deficiency of vitamin and thus presence of inadequate level in vitamin D blood. Lower level of vitamin D will end to crises, osteoporosis, and to other chronic conditions. For children and the adult, a rickets - the most serious lack of vitamin. Therefore questions of experts that is vitamin D recommendations.
Experts have told that level in blood 20 nanograms for a milliliter (nanogramm/ml) is adequate for the majority of people. To vitamin D 600 International Units (IU) recommend to have daily consumption for children and for age of adults 19 - 70. Age of people 71 also are more senior, as think, receive additional 200 IU, or 800 IU in day.
It is big enough increase on the previous Vitamin D of the recommendation 200 IU in day for age 50. Vitamin D the recommendation 400 IU for age of people 51 - 70, and 600 IU for age of people 71 also is more senior.
The safe limit of a capture of it daily was 2 000 IU for all age groups. But today it has been informed that it will be increased to 4 000 IU.
Vitamin D the recommendation is 400 IU in day for adults and 600 IU in day at age more than 70. This recommended level is provided presence of problems of a bone as osteoporosis.
There are other experts, explains that 800-1 000 IU daily should undertake to prevent loss of bone weight, possibility of a cancer and other chronic illnesses.
The podverganie sun and meal of the products rich with vitamin D, the best and simple strategy to take adequate vitamin D. As we already know that to have a healthy bone, you should increase, you daily add consumption to 800 IU daily.


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